Ocala cell phone repair

Ready To Learn A Little About Us?

We began our journey where most successful companies start, no not in a small office, we started our business in 1999 right in our spacious garage . We had one goal and one goal only, to always give the highest quality value possible.

Back then things were simple we fixed bag phones and beepers (fancy right?). In the early 2000's we managed to satisfy so many customers the we were able to open up our shop right here in Ocala, Fl.

We flashed phones, unlocked phones, repaired phones, beeper, blue tooth's, iPods,  speakers, laptops, tablets. Business was and has always been pretty consistent. Thanks to our loyal customers.

So what's so special about us that made us grow at such a quick rate? The answer is simple, besides us being family owned and operated, we use OEM parts from trusted suppliers and best of all we do all our work in-house; so there's no outsourcing out or subcontracting our work on your devices EVER! This allows our prices to be rock bottom low and our quality to be Top of the Line.

As time progressed we now provide warranty and support, accessories and prepaid cellular services for natural use. We not only sell new but we've expanded to refurbished and used phones for the convenience of those who couldn't afford new ones.